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Axe Fiberglass Handle

Axe Fiberglass Handle

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Wood/Tree Chopping, Heat Treated Alloy Steel and Fiberglass Handle Axe

DURABLE AXE: This 13.5″ axe is constructed with alloy steel and a nonslip grip which is ideal for chopping wood.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Constructed of drop forged, heat treated alloy steel, the axe head is 1.32lbs in weight and designed for maximum longevity.

NONSLIP THERMOPLASTIC HANDLE: Designed with deep grooves and a nonslip rubber grip, this axe handle is lightweight, moisture-resistant for increased comfort and impact absorption while on the jobsite

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Ideal for easy transport or carrying and handling while chopping materials

 Material: Drop Forged/Head Treated Alloy Steel (Axe Head); Thermoplastic Rubber (Axe Handle) | Colour: Red/Black

1x Axe with 13.5″ long handle and 1.32lbs axe head


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