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Doolland Physics Pendulum

Doolland Physics Pendulum

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Newton’s Cradle Balance Pendulum, Physics Learning Desk Toy, Swinging Kinetic Balls

Great educational science gadget Not only does it indicate a pendulum but it also indicates the laws of momentum and energy conservation.

Great educational and science props to own your own science history and explore the key value of physics.

It is a very interesting thaw toy that can be used to strike and swing other balls.

It can be a funny gift for your friends, family and kids.



The frame and base are often made of metal, plastic, or wood.
The pendulum balls are typically made of metal, such as steel or aluminium.


Newton’s cradle typically consists of a series of suspended metal balls in a row.
The balls are attached to thin wires or strings and hang from a frame.
The base usually has a mechanism that allows the balls to swing freely.


The size of the Newton’s cradle can vary, with smaller ones suitable for desktops or offices and larger ones for decorative purposes.

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