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Eiffel Tower LED Lamp

Eiffel Tower LED Lamp

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Elevate your space with the timeless allure of our Eiffel Tower LED Lamp – where sophistication meets luminous charm

Iconic Design:
Capture the iconic and intricate design of the Eiffel Tower, ensuring authenticity and recognition.
LED Technology:
Utilize energy-efficient LED technology for a bright and long-lasting glow, reducing energy consumption.
Adjustable Brightness:
Include adjustable brightness settings to cater to different lighting preferences and atmospheres.
USB Powered:
Offer a USB-powered option for convenient and versatile use, compatible with various devices and charging sources.
Decorative Accent:
Position the LED lamp as a stylish and decorative accent that adds a touch of Parisian charm to any space.


* Material: Acrylic + ABS Plastic
*Color: 7 colors changing
* Voltage: 5V
* LED Lifetime: 100,000 hours
* Power supply: USB

Package Include:
1x Eiffel Tower LED Lamp

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