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Electric EMS Foot Massager Pad

Electric EMS Foot Massager Pad

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A relaxing foot rub before bed!

EMS massaging technology
With EMS Technology, Full Automatic Massage Foot Circulation Massager Machine Improve blood circulation in the feet & legs and reduce leg muscle weakness. Can help foot Neuropathy, Cramps, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Different from the traditional heavy foot massager, our products are only a soft and comfortable footpad. It is lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry anywhere. USB rechargeable, you can have a little relaxation wherever you go.

It is made of soft yoga mat material, the surface can be dried with a wet towel after use. Quiet and no noise, can be used when watching TV, reading, working in the office or relaxing.

Folding Portable Electric Massage Mat 9 intensities and 6 different massage modes that can be activated depending on the requirements.

Boost Blood Circulation:
While this pad certainly doesn’t ‘cure’ serious issues, it sure does bring relief! By boosting the blood circulation and focusing on acupuncture points, it relieves pain and fatigue, improves your sleep and enhances metabolism.

EMS Massaging Technology:
With the smart EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology that uses electrical impulses to stimulate tired muscles, the relief is almost immediate! 

Material: PU + SDR
Dimensions: 29 x 32cm

Care instructions:
Store in a Cool, Dry Place.

Package list:
1x EMS Foot Massager Pad
1x USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual


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