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Hair Tinsel Shiny Glitter Hair Extensions (Rainbow Colours)

Hair Tinsel Shiny Glitter Hair Extensions (Rainbow Colours)

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Shine Bright with Glitter Coloured Hair Tinsels: Your Hair, Your Sparkle!

Glitter Coloured Hair Tinsels are the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle and fun to your hair. Whether you want to enhance your everyday style or add some pizzazz to a special occasion, these hair tinsels provide an easy and temporary solution for achieving eye-catching hair highlights. Let your hair shimmer and shine with this trendy and versatile accessory.

Key Features:
Assorted Colours:
The set includes an array of glittering colours, allowing you to mix and match tinsels to create your desired look. From vibrant purples to dazzling silvers, there’s a shade for every occasion.

Easy Application:
These tinsels are designed for effortless application. Simply tie or clip them into your hair for an instant transformation. They stay securely in place, even with regular movement.

Temporary and Removable:
Glitter Coloured Hair Tinsels are a fantastic way to experiment with different looks. They can be easily added and removed without damaging your hair, making them ideal for special events, holidays, or daily style changes.

Safe Material:
The tinsels are made from skin-friendly and non-toxic materials, ensuring they are safe for use by individuals of all ages.

Versatile Styling:
Wear them in straight, curly, or wavy hair. These tinsels can be incorporated into various hairstyles, adding a touch of glamour to your locks.


Quantity: Various tinsels per set

Colours: Assorted glitter shades

Material: Skin-friendly, non-toxic material

Attachment Method: Clips or ties for easy application

Temporary: Yes, easily removable without hair damage

How to Apply:

Select the desired tinsel colour.

Part your hair where you want to place the tinsel.

Attach the tinsel using a clip or by tying a knot.

Blend it with your natural hair.

Style as desired.

Sparkle with Confidence:
Glitter Coloured Hair Tinsels offer a playful and flexible way to add a pop of colour and shimmer to your hair. With their easy application and removal, you can enjoy different looks without the commitment. Whether it’s a festive event, a night out, or just a fun change, these tinsels are your ticket to a more dazzling hairstyle.

Package Include:
12x Glitter Coloured Hair Tinsels (Rainbow Colours Only)

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