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Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door

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Magic Mesh Deluxe- Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door.

·         Hands-Free Screen Door opens then closes itself behind you, allowing you to walk easily through even when your hands are full. Magic Mesh can be used as a replacement for a fixed screen door and fits front, rear, interior or exterior, entry, patio, deck, porch, balcony, glass, garage, and even sliding doors.

·         No tools are required. Includes all you need to install: (1) 83 in x 39 in Mesh Panel, Magic Mesh now has one panel installation, simply peel the adhesive backing off the hook and loop strips and apply to door frame.

·         Enjoy the outdoors, while inside! Durable mesh keeps pesky insects, mosquitos, flies, and bugs out! Magic Mesh stays up all season & stores away easily for the off season.

·         Door screens: these mesh/screens are used for main door/ balcony doors/ kitchen utility doors or any doors where there is a chance for mosquitoes to enter. Perfect magnetic fastening – a combination of magnets ensures quick open and automatic close. It is much better than plastic snaps. The magnets are built-in and hidden from view which can avoid noise when you go through the screen door.

·         Keep mosquitoes out- this is an innovative screen door to keep your family from annoying mosquitos, flies and insects. With this magnetic screen door installed, your place is filled with natural air and breeze. You can easily pass through without hands as it can open and close automatically. It also allows toddlers and pets to go through. You do not have to open and close the door a hundred times for them. It doesn’t hurt kids or pets in any way.

·         Significance: get your door screens soon and avoid the chances of dengue, malaria and other mosquito related viruses. Let your child not get disturbed during his precious study, activity and sleep hours.


Material: Specify the material used for the mesh, ensuring it is durable, weather-resistant, and able to withstand regular use.

Mesh Density: Define the density of the mesh to ensure effective protection against insects while maintaining good visibility and airflow.

Magnetic Closure: Specify the type of magnets used for the closure mechanism. High-quality magnets ensure a secure and reliable closure after entry or exit.

Hands-Free Operation: Describe the hands-free operation mechanism, such as the use of magnets that automatically align and close the mesh behind the user.

Packages Include.

1x Hands Free Magnetic Screen Door,



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