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Mini Electronic Incense Burner

Mini Electronic Incense Burner

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Scents On-The-Go: Mini Burner, Big Freshness Anywhere

Mini Electronic Incense Burner:
Compact and portable design.
Uses electronic heating to release fragrances.
Suitable for small spaces such as offices or bedrooms.
Easy to use and maintain.
Portable Pencil Burner:
Slim and lightweight design resembling a pencil.
Convenient for travel or use in confined spaces.
Provides a controlled release of incense fragrance.
Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift.
Rechargeable USB Aroma Diffuser:
Utilizes USB power for convenience and versatility.
Offers a continuous and adjustable release of aroma.
Rechargeable battery for wireless operation.
Can be used in various settings, including homes, offices, or while traveling.
Car Bakhoor Burner:
Specifically designed for use in vehicles.
Compact size fits perfectly in car cup holders.
Provides a refreshing fragrance during car rides.
Safe and convenient alternative to traditional car air fresheners.


Mini Electronic Incense Burner:
Size: Compact and portable, typically measuring around 4-6 inches in height.
Power Source: Usually powered by batteries or rechargeable via USB.
Material: Constructed from heat-resistant materials such as ceramic or metal.
Operation: Utilizes electronic heating elements to vaporize incense without the need for an open flame.

Features: Often includes adjustable temperature settings and timer functions for controlled fragrance release.

Portable Pencil Burner:
Size: Slim and lightweight, resembling a regular pencil in shape and size.
Material: Made from heat-resistant materials like metal or ceramic.
Operation: Functions similarly to traditional incense burners but in a more compact form.
Convenience: Easy to carry and use, suitable for travel or small spaces.
Design: Simple and minimalist design, typically featuring a holder for incense sticks.

Rechargeable USB Aroma Diffuser:
Size: Compact and portable, varying in size but typically small enough to fit on a desk or table.
Power Source: Powered by a rechargeable battery or via USB connection.
Functionality: Diffuses aroma using ultrasonic technology, creating a fine mist of essential oils.
Features: Adjustable mist settings, timer functions, and LED light options for ambiance.
Capacity: Typically holds around 100-200ml of water for several hours of continuous use.

Package Include:
1xMini Electronic Incense Burner


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