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Motion Sensor Led Light

Motion Sensor Led Light

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Light Where You Need It, When You Need It: Motion Sensor Magic!
Now walk safely in your home at night. No need to worry about the scary darkness while going to the washroom or kitchen at night. Your movement will turn the light on automatically without having to use a switch.
The second’s real time infrared sensor activates the light in the blink of an eye with a sensor distance of up to 20 feet (6 meters) and a 120° wide range.
The automatic sensor activates a soft light for at least 25 seconds and turns off automatically once no motion is detected anymore.
Our auto motion light is gentle on the eyes. It’s perfect for any room and occasion at night or in the dark when you want a gentle light.
Stairs & Halls.
Our automatic sensor light will be extra useful if you need to get up at night, find clothes, walk to another room, warm up some food or find a good read. The radiance is so soft that it won’t wake up your partner or baby
1. Insert AAA Battery Inside The Sensor Remote.
2. Connect The Sensor Remote To The Light Through The Power Cord.
3. Stick to any desired location on the wall With the Help of Double Tape Given on Back.
4. Turn on automatic motion sensor light.
5. Now Set The Timer And You Are Ready To Go.
Our motion light can easily switch between different light modes. You can either use the automatic sensor light, turn on the always-on light or keep the light off – all with a single switch on the side.
Package Include:
1x 3meter Led Light Strip.
1x Sensor Remote.
(AAA Batteries Not Included)


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