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Nano Face Mist Spray

Nano Face Mist Spray

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Dry skin and busy schedule? No worries! This nano sprayer mist is designed to hydrate your skin on the go without smudging makeup.
What is it? An easy to use mist that will detoxify and hydrate your face in minutes!

Why is it special? 
•    Hydrates and softens your skin in 2 minutes
•    Allows you to effectively hydrate skin on the go without affecting makeup 
•    Most affordable on the market

Before & After Usage: 
1.    Add water; Please add to the tank. (Do not exceed the maximum water level).
2.    Turn on your sprayer and allow the mist to fall over your face.
3.    Recharge Portable Nano sprayer with USB.

This nano water sprayer with large water tank can penetrate deep into the skin and vitalize the skin. It can moisturize without smudging makeup.
NOTE: Please use natural mineral water and do not add pure water, distilled water, etc. If the water quality density is too high or too low, it will cause the sprayer to clump or clog.

Colour: White, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black
Water tank: about 30ml

(1) Mini Nano Steamer 
(1) Manual 
(1) USB

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