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Pets Hair Removal

Pets Hair Removal

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Portable Perfection: Smooth & Clean Place!

Does your dog shed hairs all over your couch and carpet? This is where the amazing our Dog Hair Hand-Brush comes in! It works double-duty lifting pet hair from every surface in your home. It is a brush with small bristles to grab fur and remove it from clothes, furniture, or car seat.

Why use an old roller hair removal when you can double the cleaning power with our uniquely designed two sided lint brush? Our brush provides 2X the Cleaning Power to brush away messes 2x faster than any single-sided lint brush, simply flip the paddle sides as needed. It makes cleaning pet hair faster, simple and more convenient.
This brush will keep your clothes and furniture fur-free and lint-free has never been easier. The soft and easy grip handle makes removing pet hair and lint a comfortable and effortless experience. No refills, no waste, no power plug! It’s the most convenient and mess-free way to remove your pet’s hair.
No refills required like the traditional lint rollers. Double-Side Brush is completely reusable and there are no sticky papers! All you have to do is dip the brush into the cleaning base & pull it out. Save time and money by using our innovative brush.
The bonus travel-size is perfect to keep in your bag or car. Just pop up the top to uncover the lint brush and use the base as a handle. Dispose the fur through the small, removable collection tray at bottom of the base.

Material: ABS plastic
Weight: 388g
Colour: Blue / White
Small Size: 14cm x 6cm
Large Size: 32cm x 7.5cm

1x Dog Hair Hand-Brush



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