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Rat Killing Magic Carpet

Rat Killing Magic Carpet

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Transparent Rat Killing Magic Carpet


The magic carpet is transparent, allowing users to see through it as if it’s invisible.

This feature helps in locating rats and navigating through different environments seamlessly.

Rat Detection Sensors:

Integrated sensors on the carpet detect the presence of rats

.These sensors could include heat sensors, motion detectors, and perhaps even scent detectors to ensure accuracy.

Automatic Rat Extermination:

Once a rat is detected, the magic carpet employs a magical mechanism to eliminate the pest.

This could involve a spell, a trap door, or any other creative method that fits the fantasy theme.

Efficient Maneuverability:

The carpet is designed to move effortlessly, hovering over various surfaces to reach rat-infested areas.

Consider incorporating magical propulsion or levitation mechanisms for smooth navigation.


The magic carpet is powered by a long-lasting magical energy source.

Charging or replenishing the energy can be done through a magical charging station.

The carpet emits a protective aura that deters rats from the treated area.

This feature contributes to long-term pest control.

Package includes:

1x transparent rat killing magic carpet.

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