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Silicone Five-Finger Pad

Silicone Five-Finger Pad

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Silicone Five-Finger Pad

1.Soften & Super Comfortable!
2.Washable & Breathable!
3.Stretchy & Anti-deformed!
4.Moisturize Rough & Dry Heel
5.One Size Fit Most Feet

Product Feature :

1. Moisturizing Your Foot All Day – Do you have dry, dead skin and cracked heel troubles? Our Moisturizing Silicone socks can prevent the pain from walking or running. It can be used for protecting and moisturizing your foot all day, and it’s comfortable absolutely. All in all, this is made for you.
2. Soft Gel Material – Our moisturizing socks is made of high quality soft and durable silicone gel, which is non-toxic and unscented, and our gel socks are very stretchy and anti-deformed.
3. Breathable & Washable Design – Designed with breathable hole, skin-friendly and not sweaty, easy to care for the soles of the feet. Don’t worry about the change of season, air holes can provide enough air for your feet to breathe.
4. Keep your Feet Healthy – Soft gel material can prevent your foot from blister and callus, falling off, abnormal smell, friction and shock. Keep your feet healthy and beautiful all the time.
5. One Size Fits Most – Comfortable and close-fitting for you to wear, you can wear them for sport shoes, flats or office shoes. Perfect for ballet, runners, hiking, and other outdoor activities. (Boots may cause friction and feet need cushioning.)
2pcs socks

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