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Stripes Cosmetic Makeup Pouch

Stripes Cosmetic Makeup Pouch

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Chic pouch, transparent stripes, style in every swipe.

Stylish Design:
The transparent stripes offer a modern and chic aesthetic, adding a trendy touch to your cosmetic collection.
Easy Visibility:
Transparent stripes allow you to quickly identify your cosmetics and beauty essentials without rummaging through the pouch.
Organizational Efficiency:
With clear visibility, organizing and accessing your makeup becomes effortless, saving you time during your beauty routine.
Constructed with durable materials, the pouch ensures long-lasting use, providing protection for your cosmetics while on the go.
Perfect for travel or daily use, the pouch accommodates various cosmetics, skincare products, and accessories in one compact and portable package.
Stain Resistance:
The transparent material is easy to clean and resistant to stains, maintaining the pouch's pristine appearance even after frequent use.


Clear Visibility: Transparent stripes allow easy identification of contents without the need to open the pouch.

Durable Material: Made from sturdy and long-lasting materials to protect cosmetics and withstand travel or daily use.

Zippered Closure: Secure closure to keep contents safe and prevent spills or leaks.

Compact Size: Designed to be lightweight and portable, fitting easily into handbags or luggage for on-the-go convenience.

Multiple Compartments: Interior pockets or dividers for organized storage of various cosmetics and beauty essentials.


Transparent Material Thickness:

The transparent PVC material has a thickness of 0.4mm, providing durability while maintaining flexibility.

Zipper Dimensions:

High-quality metal zipper with dimensions of 7 inches (17.8 cm) for smooth operation and longevity.

Handle or Strap:

Includes a detachable wrist strap for easy carrying or hanging options.

Additional Features:

Reinforced corners for added durability and protection against wear and tear.
Exterior loop or attachment point for securing onto luggage or bags with carabiner clips.

RFID-blocking material option to protect sensitive items such as credit cards or passports.

Customization Options:

Ability to personalize the pouch with monogramming, embroidery, or custom logos for a unique touch.
Optional add-ons such as a mirror or brush holder attachment for enhanced functionality.

Package Include:
1x Stripes Cosmetic Makeup Pouch

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