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Ultra Thin Table Fan

Ultra Thin Table Fan

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Ultra slim fan, silent breeze, stylish coolness, everywhere.
Space-saving Design:
Slim profile takes up minimal space on a table or desk, perfect for small rooms or tight spaces.
Sleek Aesthetics:
Modern and stylish design enhances the decor of any room, adding a touch of elegance.


Lightweight construction makes it easy to move the fan from one location to another as needed.
Customizable Settings:
Multiple speed settings and adjustable airflow direction provide personalized comfort.
Energy Efficiency:
Low power consumption helps save on energy bills while keeping you cool and comfortable.
Convenient Controls:
Intuitive buttons or remote control make it easy to adjust settings without hassle.
Can be used not only as a fan but also as a cooling solution for electronics or as an air circulator to improve overall ventilation in a room.
Safety Features:
Built-in safety mechanisms such as overheat protection ensure worry-free operation.

Slim Profile: Sleek and slender design that occupies minimal space on a table or desk.
Adjustable Speed Settings: Multiple speed options to customize airflow according to preference.
Quiet Operation: Advanced motor technology ensures whisper-quiet performance, suitable for use in quiet environments like offices or bedrooms.
Oscillation Function: Ability to oscillate or rotate horizontally to distribute airflow across a wider area.
Directional Airflow Control: Adjustable tilt or pivot feature to direct airflow precisely where needed.
Remote Control: Convenient remote control for adjusting settings from a distance.

Dimensions: Width, height, and depth of the fan, typically measured in inches or centimeters.
Weight: Total weight of the fan, usually measured in pounds or kilograms.
Power Source: Voltage and wattage requirements, and whether it operates on AC power or batteries.
Speed Settings: Number of adjustable speed levels available.
Oscillation Angle: Range of horizontal rotation, measured in degrees.

Package include:
1x Ultra Thin Table Fan

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